"In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary."

Experience Architects

Out of our vast experience and through intense preparation, guided by the help of our team of seasoned professionals we strive to create unique experiences.  Each concept tailormade for each client and the specific needs of their project.

Overcoming technical and practical obstacles, guiding your project through each stage from idea to reality, all the while keeping an eye on the detail and the bigger picture at the same time.

At TCF we are ready to help.
Just ask and we’ll get on our way to creativity and beyond with you.

Our services

Concept Design

It's in our TCF DNA to explore and push our creative and logistic boundaries. We love to support and accompany you as from the start of your concept.

We like to put our expertise and creativity at the service of you and your project when devising a total concept from A to Z.

3D Visualization

The first step to transforming your idea into reality. Our 3D experts can build a truthful and lifelike model of your project based on necessary materials, details and environmental factors. This will provide you a realistic, virtual tour of your project.

This model can serve as a presentation model for your customer as well as a basis for project preparation and implementation.


Let us guide you and your project from concept to reality, with efficiency and creativity as our guides and goals. 

Resolving logistic problems, enhancing communication between customer and suppliers and creating ideal conditions within the desired timeframe is crucial for an extraordinary and exceptional result.

Project Management

Building bridges and creating connections is our strength. From finding the right supplier to effective cost control and managing your project on location. 

We are here for you.

Our detailed knowledge and experience in the different phases of the production process, give us an advantage in anticipating and solving possible obstacles and problems with a perfectly executed end result.


Our operators are highly motivated professionals with an extensive skills set. They will transform your project from concept to end result.

Translating and executing an idea into reality is their specialty.

At TCF you can count on both seasoned light operators as experienced video operators.


Our Favourite Tools

When organizing an event you'll surely need experienced crew but they'll always need qualitative materials to work with. That's why we prefer to work with MA-Lighting, Disguise, Arkaos, ChamSys Lighting, Wysiwyg and similar.


Streamin' - A new era in live events

Een product launch, congres of event annuleren? Niet meer nodig!
TCF, Creationz en DB Video slaan de handen in mekaar en gebruiken de meest moderne audiovisuele technieken om jouw event om te toveren in een unieke Streamin’ Experience!
In een virtueel creatieve omgeving creëren we een interactieve livestream richting jouw publiek, volledig op jouw maat!

Stay Safe - Stay connected - Start STREAMIN